Transport Security head says armed surveillance of innocent flying Americans ‘makes a lot of sense’

Transport Security administrator David Pekoske has defended his agency’s controversial and creepy Quiet Skies surveillance program – that sees armed federal agents collect information on ordinary Americans’ behavior in airports.

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I Should Not Buy A MkIII Toyota Supra, Right?

My lovely 1974 Volkswagen Beetle is in fine health and getting ever better, a fine and good piece of A-to-B transportation that maybe drives like a piece of farm equipment with good suspension. What I should not do is buy a third-generation Toyota Supr…

Florida man caught watching child porn in doctor’s office, confesses to years of abuse

A Florida man has admitted to molesting three children, taking pictures of children in public and watching child pornography for 20 years, after police caught him watching child porn on his laptop in a doctor’s waiting room.

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The Bizarre Ferrari 512S Modulo Concept Finally Went on Its First Drive on Public Roads

The ‘70s were a neat time for cars. Everything was shaped like a door-stopper. Like the Maserati Khamsin. The BMW M1. The Lamborghini Countach. And the Ferrari 512S Modulo concept, which, excitingly, had its first drive ever on public roads today.Rea…

Roger Stone posts ‘Space Force’ image with swastikas to Instagram… to support Trump

In an apparent effort to show support for President Donald Trump’s ‘Space Force’ project, former adviser Roger Stone posted a photoshopped image of himself and other US officials posing in spacesuits adorned with Nazi symbols.

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Bolton to meet Russian counterpart for ‘Helsinki summit follow-up’ – White House

President Donald Trump’s national security adviser John Bolton will meet with his Russian counterpart next week for follow-up discussions on issues raised at the Helsinki summit, the White House confirmed.

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By the Grace of God The 2019 Honda Civic Sport Gets a Real Volume Knob

The 2019 Honda Civic lineup has undergone a very moderate update, with tweaked styling around the bumpers, new wheel options, updated headlights and, graciously, a new Sport trim with an honest, real physical volume knob replacing the old, annoying vol…

Let’s Go Down an RC Car YouTube Rabbit Hole

The world of people filming their radio-controlled cars is seemingly bottomless, a function of what I assume to be lower-costs and lower-stakes compared to off-roading in real life. The videos rip. Read more…