Russian ‘cat city’ invites culture-hungry felines barred from Japanese museum

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                        <strong>Art-savvy Japanese felines were invited to Zelenogradsk, Russia and are free to enter its cultural facilities as many times as they like, after it was found that the cats have been stalking a Japanese art museum for two years.</strong>

        The two furry gatecrashers &ndash; orange and white cat Gosaku and his black partner in crime Ken-Chan &ndash; were constantly being caught at the entrance to the Hiroshima Onomichi City Museum of Art in Japan. For two years, the two feline visitors tried to break into the museum. But it was all in vain, as the security guard held firm and gently ushered them away every time.

Apparently touched by the story, the city of Zelenogradsk, not far from Kaliningrad in Russia’s west, said that Gosaku and Ken-Chan are welcome to visit the city. The authorities sent a letter to the Onomichi museum inviting the cats to help celebrate a local holiday – Zelenogradsk Cat Day – in March.

Zelenogradsk has already gained the reputation of being the ‘cat city’ thanks to the Murarium Art Collection of Cats.

The museum, which has a furry inhabitant of its own, a black-and-white Amur, said that it will give the art-hungry felines “a special ticket for unlimited visits,” while other cultural facilities are also eager to open their doors to them.

However, the cats might never have the chance to satisfy their passion for art. On Friday, in a tweet on behalf of the animals, the Onomichi City Museum of Art declined the invitation, while sending their “best regards” to the people and cats of Zelenogradsk.

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