Labour to challenge May on Brexit deal and will trigger general election if it fails – Corbyn

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                <figcaption> Jeremy Corbyn arrives to Labour Party Conference, in Liverpool, Britain, September 22, 2018. ©Hannah McKay / <span class="copyright">Reuters</span></figcaption>

                        <strong>Jeremy Corbyn says the Labour party will call for a national election if any Brexit deal struck by Prime Minister Theresa May with Brussels fails to meet his party's 'six tests.' </strong>

        <em>"We will challenge this government on whatever deal it brings back on our six tests, on jobs, on living standards, on environmental protections,"</em> Corbyn&nbsp; said at a rally in Liverpool, confirming an earlier report that his party plans to call for an election if the deal is defeated in the parliament.&nbsp;&nbsp;

“And if this government can’t deliver, then I simply say to Theresa May the best way to settle this is by having a general election,” he said.  

On Friday Theresa May demanded that the EU bring to the negotiating table a new set of proposals to break the “impasse,” declaring she will not “overturn the result of the referendum nor will I break up my country.”

Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said Britain would not “capitulate” to the EU’s demands and urged the bloc to engage with May’s proposals.