Chinese Boeing 737 crash-lands at Manila airport – reports

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                <figcaption>FILE PHOTO: A XiamenAir Boeing 737-800 plane takes off from Shenyang Taoxian International Airport. © China Stringer Network / Reuters  / <span class="copyright">Free</span></figcaption>

                        <strong>A XiamenAir plane has crash-landed at Manila International Airport in the Philippines, according to AirLive.</strong>

        Flight MF8667 from Xiamen, China, circled Manila for about one hour before aborting landing. On its second landing attempt, the Boeing 737-800 skidded off the runway.

A photo posted online appears to show the plane sitting lopsided on the runway. There are reports that the plane’s engine has broken off. The crash landing comes amid reports of recent flooding in Manila.

No casualties have been reported thus far. An evacuation of the aircraft is ongoing.

XiamenAir, formerly Xiamen Airlines, is a passenger airline based in Xiamen, Fuijan Province. It has a fleet size of 164 planes and flies to 70 destinations. It is part of the SkyTeam alliance.