‘Measure of my trust’: Johnson has no problem handing Lavrov his coat with secrets

Boris Johnson in Red Square in Moscow. © Maxim Shemetov / Reuters

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson apparently has no trust issues with his Russian counterpart, saying he readily gave his coat with “everything that was in my pockets” to the head of the Foreign Ministry in Moscow.

I want you to know, to measure my trust, that as soon as I got into this excellent Foreign Ministry I immediately handed my coat, my hat, my gloves and indeed everything that was in my pockets, secret or otherwise, to Sergey Lavrov in the knowledge that he would look after it and it would come to no harm,” the British official told the media Friday.

There is “every reason to build trust now,” Johnson added. The foreign secretary is currently in the Russian capital on his first official visit.

While there might be certain difficulties in the nations’ bilateral relations, the two senior diplomats at least seem to get each other’s humor. “I can say that there was nothing in Boris’s coat pockets,” Lavrov said in reply to Johnson, as both laughed.