US House approves temporary funding to stave off govt shutdown

The US House of Representatives voted 231-188 to approve a short-term spending bill on Thursday to fund the government through January 19, 2018. Some Democrats withheld their votes in protest of Republican refusal to include an immigration measure to codify DACA, the deferred deportation protection for illegal immigrants who arrived in the US as minors. The bill did contain $2.85 billion for the Children’s Health Insurance Program and $750 million for community health centers and diabetes programs. The measure also extends the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act program known as Section 702. An additional $4.7 billion was also appropriated to the US Department of Defense for ship repairs and missile defense programs for a short time period. Also included is a contentious “pay-go” waiver, a provision to suspend rules that bar the government from enacting expansive new programs – such as the GOP-led tax cuts – unless there is enough money in the current year’s budget to pay for the programs. The proposed legislation will now be sent to the Senate for a vote, possibly Thursday night. Congress has a Friday midnight deadline to avoid a government shutdown. (CNBC)