Lee Camp finds out who meddled with US midterms… but it’s not the usual suspects (VIDEO)

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                        <strong>A foreign country has indeed meddled with the US midterm elections, pumping millions of dollars to support congressional candidates. However, it wasn’t the usual suspect you may easily think of, Lee Camp revealed.

        It turns out that <em>&ldquo;a single foreign government&rdquo;</em> had as many as 28 political action committees (PACs) that donated millions of dollars to candidates they wanted to succeed in the November midterm elections, Redacted Tonight host Lee Camp said. <em>&ldquo;You Russian bastards,&rdquo;</em> Camp mockingly erupts in a rant, before telling the audience that it was actually&hellip; Israel.

“I am reporting this with a heavy heart because I’m a patriot, alright?” he said. “And that means, I don’t want foreigners screwing with our elections, I want our democracy to be screwed up by Americans – for Americans, by Americans, the way it has been for centuries!”

You can watch the full show here.

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