Purr-severance: Cats went viral trying to gain entry to museum for 2 years (VIDEOS)

                <img src="https://cdni.rt.com/files/2018.11/article/5bec9804fc7e9322318b45b8.png">
                <figcaption>The cats have been trying to break in for two years. © Facebook / Onomichi City Museum of Art / <span class="copyright">Free</span></figcaption>

                        <strong>Two cultured cats have become viral sensations, for their numerous attempts during the past two years to gain access to the Hiroshima Onomichi City Museum of Art in Japan. </strong>

        The orange and white cat called Gosaku and his black furry friend Ken-Chan are well known to the building&rsquo;s security staff &ndash;who are constantly on guard for the pesky animals&ndash; and have become reluctant mascots for the museum.

The persistent pets have been reportedly attempting to access the museum ever since it held an exhibition of cat photographs by Mitsuaki Iwago in 2016.  

Countless clips of cats attempting to outsmart security guards to break into the museum have been viewed millions of times online. They have even become an attraction themselves, with fans often travelling to see them in action at the museum entrance.

We occasionally tweet the cat snaps around the art museum that the staff shot, sometimes tea tiger and occasionally black cat have been trying to enter from the door two or three times a week,” a museum employee told Yahoo Japan.

The infamous cats have reportedly never actually made it into the museum; however, they did once make a beeline for the gift shop – which now stocks merchandise celebrating the cats.

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