Burning car EXPLODES in deadly traffic pile-up amid massive snowfall in Russia’s south (VIDEO)

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                        <strong>Terrifying footage was captured when a car exploded during a massive vehicle collision in the Rostov region, where extreme weather conditions caused a major traffic incident on an expressway linking Moscow with southern Russia.</strong>

        One person died and at least two others sustained injuries, after some 15 cars collided on the M-4 Don highway following heavy snowfall on Tuesday. The major road incident caused heavy traffic on the border of the Rostov and Krasnodar Regions.

Footage of the traffic congestion and multiple collisions –which extended for miles– was filmed by a motorist driving in the opposite direction. Passing along dozens of industrial trucks and passenger vehicles, the driver comes across a burning car, which explodes the second the motorist approaches it.

The blast wave made the driver swerve to the right, but he was lucky enough to escape with no injuries. No one was injured in the explosion.

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It took hours for emergency crews to clear the pile of vehicles involved in the multi-collision incident. The traffic is now moving again.

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