Police respond to shooting reports at North Carolina high school

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                        <strong>Police in North Carolina are responding to reports of an active shooter at Topsail High School, near Wilmington. Law enforcement sources say the scene is “still active.”

        Local law enforcement responded to a call from the school some time around 6.30am on Friday.

It’s extremely busy right now,” an emergency dispatcher told Time magazine. “All of our units are trying to take this person into custody.”

Unconfirmed reports from social media suggest that the shooter may be on the roof of the school.

Surf City Middle School, just over 8 miles from Topsail, has also reportedly been placed on lockdown.

Topsail High School was placed on lockdown in May, after a student brought a large hunting knife onto campus. Upon hearing of the lockdown, another student brought a semiautomatic rifle, and told deputies that he brought the gun to stop a potential shooter.

In February, another 14-year-old Topsail student was charged with threatening to shoot up the school on social media.