Security guard shoots man attempting to break into Washington DC news station

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                        <strong>A local TV station in Washington DC had a busy day reporting the news, with one of the stories taking place on its own premises when a suspected intruder was shot trying to break in.</strong>

        Police responded to the WTTG building in the city's Friendship Heights neighborhood at around 3:15pm local time on Monday after receiving reports that a suspect was trying to enter the building.

The suspect was shot by a security guard, a WTTG reporter tweeted, citing police.

The person survived the shooting and was taken to a local hospital in critical condition, according to authorities.

WTTG anchor Jim Lokay took to Twitter to let his followers know that everyone at the station is safe after the “scary” incident, promising to jump on air soon to let viewers know what happened.

Authorities are currently at the scene investigating, according to WTTG, also known in the area as Fox 5 DC.

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