‘A beast of a turbo’: Madcap inventor tests out homemade jet-powered scooter (VIDEO)

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                        <strong>A DIY daredevil who prides himself on breaking world records and creating reckless “crazy” inventions with a “constant disregard for health and safety” has manufactured a TurboJet powered scooter.</strong>

        Colin Furze is a YouTube vlogger with almost 7 million subscribers who watch in anticipation as he documents each reckless invention and gutsy test-run. His previous inventions include a homemade hoverbike, the world&rsquo;s fastest bumper car and a motorised drift trike.

His latest video, which has already racked up more than 1 million views, sees him enthusiastically race a turbo-powered scooter – sans safety equipment – down an uneven track at 40mph.

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Furze documents the manufacturing process leading up to the daring test drive aboard the turbo scooter, fashioned from an old BMX bike.

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