‘This is not the Obama admin’: Bolton unveils Trump’s new far-reaching counter-terrorism strategy

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                        <strong>The Trump administration has put together a six-prong counter-terrorism strategy that does not focus on a single organization and is going to “pursue terrorists at source,” national security adviser John Bolton told reporters. 

        Speaking on a conference call on Thursday, Bolton said the US will seek to counter <em>&ldquo;all&rdquo;</em> terrorists and their ideologies, rather than a specific organization. The strategy he described involves pursuing terrorists at the source, isolating them from support and combating propaganda and radicalization. Defensive activities would include modernizing and integrating counter-terrorism tools, protecting US and allied infrastructure, and strengthening partnerships with allies.

“This is not the Obama administration, would be my message to Iran and anybody else,” Bolton said.

A screenshot from Donald Trump’s new National Strategy for Counterterrorism. © www.whitehouse.gov / Free

Iran appears to be a major focus of the new strategy, with Bolton saying that the Trump administration’s objective is there to be “no waivers” for sanctions against Tehran. He also accused Iran of being the “world’s central banker for international terrorism since 1979,” referring to the year when the pro-US monarchy was overthrown by Islamic revolutionaries.

China also has a prominent place in the strategy, with Bolton calling Vice President Mike Pence’s speech about Chinese meddling in US elections “very important.”

“I’ve never seen anything like the scope of Chinese activities,” Bolton said, adding that “there will be more on this subject in the weeks and months ahead” and that “much of what we know remains classified.”

Another notable departure from the Obama administration’s counter-terrorism strategy is climate.

“I don’t think climate change is a cause of international terrorism,” Bolton said.