French finance minister presses Germany to move ahead with plans for EU economic reform

        France&rsquo;s Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire is pressing Germany to move ahead with plans for economic reform in the European Union, arguing that ordinary citizens&rsquo; patience is &ldquo;exhausted,&rdquo; AP said. The two countries&rsquo; leaders agreed in June to create a eurozone budget aimed at boosting investment and improving the effectiveness of the 19-nation currency area&rsquo;s rescue mechanism. However, German Chancellor Angela Merkel&rsquo;s government has largely been preoccupied by domestic political problems since then. Le Maire told Thursday&rsquo;s edition of German daily Sueddeutsche Zeitung the pledges must be acted on, adding that<em> &ldquo;not making decisions feeds populism.&rdquo;</em> The minister said that<em> &ldquo;the domestic political situation on one side or the other must not be used as a pretext to delay pressing European policy decisions.&rdquo;</em>