Woman narrowly escapes gas canister explosion in southern Russia (VIDEO)

                <img src="https://cdni.rt.com/files/2018.07/article/5b4880d5dda4c8ca7e8b458d.png">
                <figcaption>Screenshot from Туподар Краснодар / Youtube

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                        <strong>The trunk of a car, parked in a quiet area in the center of the southern Russian city Krasnodar, has been torn in pieces after a suspected gas canister exploded inside. A passerby was lucky to escape injuries.</strong>

        A woman was walking in a street on a hot day in Krasnodar, with temperatures crumbling up to 40 degrees Celsius. Suddenly an explosion rocked a nearby car, with pieces nearly missing her. The incident was captured on video and was posted by a local social media channel on Tuesday.

The heat might have been to blame for the incident as a gas canister, installed in the car, apparently did not sustain the temperature, according to local media reports. Locals immediately called firefighters, but luckily no fire broke out.

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