German public TV trolls Trump with baby balloon collages

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                        <strong>As US President Donald Trump makes waves in Britain with his unique diplomatic style, German public television is apparently taking revenge for his demeaning remarks about the country made earlier this week.</strong>

        The Twitter account of &lsquo;heute&rsquo; &ndash; a news program on Germany public TV channel ZDF &ndash; published photos of Trump during his trip to the UK, but with the president replaced by a baby Trump balloon, which anti-Trump protesters flew above London. The readers appear to greatly appreciate the photoshopped images.

During a two-day NATO summit in Brussels this week Trump criticized Germany and its Chancellor Angela Merkel for buying fuel from Russia and building a pipeline that would secure a supply of energy into the future.

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Trump claimed the arrangement made Germany a “captive” of Russia and said he would not tolerate it, especially as Berlin spends less on defense than it should under its NATO commitments.

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